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The Green & Ethical Alternative to Cremation

Our Covid-19 Response

Water Cremation is Still Available Including to Families Effected by Restrictions

Environmentally Friendly Cremations extends our sympathies to families who have lost a loved one during the Covid-19 pandemic. We also empathise with the impact on the wider community.

Environmentally Friendly Cremations still has Water Cremation services available during this time, including to those members of the community who are currently living with restrictions in Victoria, NSW, Queensland and the ACT.

Covid-19 Discount

Environmentally Friendly Cremations also recognises the impact that these times are having on business and employment. We are willing to offer a discount on a Water Cremation to clients whose income has been effected by Covid-19. Please contact us to learn more about the services we can offer during this time.

You Can Make a Difference For
Future Generations

You Can Make a Difference for Future Generations

Water Cremation Produces Less Than 10% of the Carbon Emissions of Fire Cremation

Water Cremation, by Aquamation is the natural and green alternative to both traditional fire cremation and burial. 

Fire cremation requires very high temperatures and generates approximately 400 kilograms of carbon emissions from each cremation. A fire cremation emits about the same amount of CO2 as driving from Melbourne to Perth, totalling about 40 million kilograms of carbon per year. Fire cremation is a major contributor to climate change.    

A Burial does have a lower initial carbon footprint than a fire cremation. However, with the making of the headstone and the mowing and watering of the grave site over many years, a burial totals a greater level of emissions than a fire cremation. 

Water Cremation operates at a much lower temperature than fire cremation and produces less than 10% of the carbon emissions. A Water Cremation also produces much fewer carbon emissions than a standard burial.

Fire Cremation Causes Toxic Pollution

Fire cremation releases chemicals into the atmosphere, including carbon monoxide, fine soot, sulphur dioxide, heavy metals, and mercury emissions from dental fillings, which are particularly concerning. The toxic mercury emissions have been proven to cause serious health problems for the people living near the crematoriums. These health problems include Cancer, Autism and Stillbirth. 

Water Cremation does not create toxic mercury emissions or any other type of pollution and is better for the health of nearby communities.

A Natural Process

Water Cremation, by Aquamation, uses a natural and ethical Alkaline Hydrolysis process.

Less than 10% Emissions

Water Cremation produces less than 10% of the carbon emissions of fire cremation.

Better for the Health of Communities

No Toxic Mercury Pollution is emitted with Water Cremation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Water Cremation uses a process that is scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis. During a Water Cremation, the deceased is carefully placed inside a sealed stainless steel Water Cremation unit. This unit then gently fills with a water and alkaline solution that is heated for a period of approximately 4 hours.

Following a Water Cremation, the loved one’s remains are returned to the family in an urn in the form of ‘Ashes’, as with cremation.

Water Cremation is a proudly Australian innovation and has become very sought after in the United States and Canada for it’s environmental benefits.

Yes. Water Cremation, by Aquamation was a 2015 finalist in the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition.

Water Cremation - Price List

Water Cremation Packages

For our clients’ convenience, we provide a summary of our services below. 

Our packages include every aspect of a Water Cremation. There are no additional charges. 

Direct Water Cremation, by Aquamation – including the Water Cremation Fee, Medical Certificates, Transfers and Death Certificate. Price is $5,995. 

Full Service Funeral with Water Cremation, by Aquamation – including Transfers, Mortuary Care, Coffin, Funeral Notice in the Newspaper, Medical Certificates, Flowers, Celebrant, Chapel Hire, Water Cremation Fee, and the Death Certificate. Price is $8,995. 

Call John on 0438 318 802 for more information about our packages and to enquire about our discount relating to the impact of Covid-19.