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Eco-Friendly Cremations

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Eco-Cremation - Minimising the Impact of Cremation

Environmentally Friendly Cremations provides sustainable alternatives for clients who are planning a cremation for a loved one who has sadly 'passed over'. We operate in the Melbourne area.

Environmentally Friendly Cremations has Eco-Cremation available.

Eco-Cremation is traditional fire cremation with actions taken to minimise and compensate for it's environmental impact.

Environmentally Friendly Cremations uses eco-coffins made from recycled cardboard that combust more quickly during cremation resulting in fewer carbon emissions.

We also provide Carbon Offsets for every Eco-Cremation. The Carbon Offsets include tree planting in Australia with a range of local tree species.

  • As these trees grow, they absorb or 'sequester' carbon dioxide. 
  • These trees also help to replace forests for native animals whose habitats have been destroyed by human industries.
  • We use the Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund to provide this service.

Eco-Cremation is a dignified, affordable and environmentally friendly funeral option.

Water Cremation by Aquamation - Melbourne Australia

Water Cremation, by Aquamation

What is Water Cremation, by Aquamation?

Environmentally Friendly Cremations now has Water Cremation, by Aquamation available. Water Cremation uses a process that is scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis.

Water Cremation is a natural process that produces less than 10% of the carbon emissions of traditional fire cremation.

Water Cremation is sometimes called Flameless Cremation, BioCremation or Green Cremation.

During a Water Cremation, the deceased is enclosed in a stainless steel Water Cremation unit, which is then filled with a potassium hydroxide and water solution that is heated.

Following a Water Cremation, your loved one's remains are returned to you in an urn in the form of 'Ashes', as with cremation.

Water Cremation has become very sought after in the United States and Canada for it's environmental benefits.


Water Cremation, by Aquamation, is a proudly Australian innovation and was a 2015 finalist in the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition. 

Green Cremation Packages

Featuring Eco-Cremation & Water Cremation, by Aquamation

For our clients' convenience, we provide a summary of our pricing below. Our packages include every aspect of a Green cremation. There are no additional charges for a standard Green cremation and funeral.

Direct Eco-Cremation - including the Cremation Fee, Eco-Coffin, Carbon Offsets, Medical Certificates, Transfers and Death Certificate. Price is $3,350.

Full Service Green Funeral with Eco-Cremation - including Transfers, Eco-Coffin, Carbon Offsets, Mortuary Care, Funeral Notice in the Newspaper, Medical Certificates, Flowers, Celebrant, Chapel Hire, Cremation Fee, and the Death Certificate. Price is $5,995.

Direct Water Cremation, by Aquamation - including the Water Cremation Fee, Medical Certificates, Transfers and Death Certificate. Price is $5,995.

Full Service Green Funeral with Water Cremation, by Aquamation - including Transfers, Mortuary Care, Eco-Coffin, Funeral Notice in the Newspaper, Medical Certificates, Flowers, Celebrant, Chapel Hire, Water Cremation Fee, and the Death Certificate. Price is $8,995. 

Call John on 0438 318 802 to arrange an environmentally friendly cremation. 

It is an easy process and you will receive caring support throughout the call. (Available 24/7).

Green Cremations and Funerals

What Types of Cremation Services are Available?

There are two main types of cremation services available: Direct Cremation, or a Cremation with a Full Service Funeral. 

  • Direct Cremation - A Direct Cremation is a cremation only, with no funeral service. The loved one's Ashes are returned to the family following the cremation. 

At Environmentally Friendly Cremations, clients can choose to have a Direct Cremation that is either a Water Cremation, or an Eco-Cremation. 

  • Cremation with a Full Service Green Funeral - Our funeral directors manage Green funeral services for clients who wish to have a full funeral service, in addition to a cremation. 

Clients considering this option can also choose either a Water Cremation, or an Eco-Cremation. 

Your Funeral, Your Way

We Really Listen to Our Clients and Their Families

Environmentally Friendly Cremations is an Australian-owned, small, family business operating in the Melbourne area.

We have caring funeral directors who really listen to our clients and their families, and who will style a memorable and personal Green cremation or funeral. 

From simple touches such as displaying personal photographs, to services created around a favourite hobby or pastime, our funerals can reflect any aspect of a person's life and personality.

Our Eco-Cremations and Water Cremations are also completely inclusive of all religious traditions, Church denominations, multicultural practices and non-religious funeral services.

Prepaid Green cremations and funerals are also available. Please enquire to learn more about our prepaid options.