A Green Funeral Director

A Caring Approach

We are a Local, Small, Family Business

Environmentally Friendly Cremations is an Australian owned, small, family business not a large corporate. 

Environmentally Friendly Cremations is committed to providing sustainable alternatives to current cremation and funeral practices. 

We are also dedicated to providing a positive client experience for all of our clients and their families. 

Our staff really listen to our clients and their families and will style a memorable and personal Water Cremation or funeral. This can include lovingly simple touches such as displaying personal photographs or services created around a favourite hobby or pastime. Our funerals can reflect any aspect of a person’s life and personality. 

Our Water Cremations and funerals are also inclusive of all religious traditions, Church denominations, multicultural practices and non-religious funeral services.

Aquamation® is the better, greener alternative for the body and our planet.

Why choose Aquamation®

No direct emissions.

Fire cremations burn fossil fuels, which create significant pollution and can emit harmful substances like carbon monoxide, particulates (PM10 and PM2.5), and heavy metals, including mercury, lead, and cadmium. Aquamation® uses only water, heat, and a small amount of an alkaline solution powered by electricity, with no direct emissions, making it the most eco-friendly funerals.

Less energy use.

Aquamation® uses less than 10% of the energy of a traditional fire cremation, which significantly reduces emissions, and is more efficient compared to a gas, LPG, or diesel-fired cremation. When coupled with electricity from a renewable source, the Aquamation® process can almost be entirely carbon-neutral.

Fewer procedures.

Unlike flame cremation or burial, the delicate nature of the Aquamation® process does not remove medical devices such as pacemakers, implants, or jewellery from the body before the process through invasive mortuary procedures. These can be gathered once the process is complete - maintaining dignity and respect for the body after death.

The Green & Ethical Alternative to Cremation

Completely Natural

Water Cremation, by Aquamation®, uses a natural and ethical Alkaline Hydrolysis process.

Low Carbon

Water Cremation produces less than 10% of the carbon emissions as compared to fire cremation.

Better for the Health of Communities

There is no toxic Mercury Pollution emitted during the Water Cremation process.

Aquamation® is the environmentally sustainable alternative to traditional fire cremation or burial.


Frequently Asked Questions​

Water Cremation uses a process that is scientifically known as Alkaline Hydrolysis. During a Water Cremation, the deceased is carefully placed inside a stainless steel Water Cremation unit. This unit is then filled with water and an alkaline solution and is heated.

Following a Water Cremation, the loved one’s remains are returned to the family in an urn in the form of ‘Ashes’.

Water Cremation, by Aquamation®, is a proudly Australian innovation and has become very sought after in the United States and Canada for its environmental benefits.

Yes. Water Cremation, by Aquamation®, was a 2015 finalist in the prestigious Australian Technologies Competition.